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City Square Park


A symbol of civic pride, the Park acts as a testimony to Charlestown’s vibrant development.  An oasis for residents as well as visitors to the city, City Square Park includes more than seventy separate species of trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, ground coverings and grasses.  The site’s elegant design elements, gas lights, meandering paths and grassy areas combine the park’s historic past with a contemporary aesthetic. The Park has once again renewed the pride felt during Charlestown’s conception in 1629, serving as the flagship gateway to the town.


A Gathering Place


As a gathering place for residents as well as a resting spot for tourists, City Square Park has hosted a myriad of events since its dedication in 1996:  the annual commemoration of Paul Revere’s ride, the popular summer concert series, Art in the Park, the annual holiday tree lighting, the September 11 tenth anniversary program, caroling parties, yoga classes, and even an occasional wedding. 

A Living Testimony to the Past


This lush green oasis, City Square Park embodies the bold vision, quiet intelligence and pure courage that are Charlestown's legacy. Here history and art meet to tell a story that is rich in detail and delight.

The stone outline of the Great House - Represents seat of government of the first self-governing colony in America.   


The Justice Statue -  Represents the birth of the Massachusetts judiciary system.


Paul Revere Memorial -  Commemorates the famous midnight ride from Charlestown to Lexington and Concord.


World War II Memorial -  Honors the men and women of Charlestown who served their nation durinig World War II.


Gateway Medallions - Honor accomplishments of famous men and women who lived in Charlestown.

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